Black History Month: Architect Weber Laurent

Architect Weber Laurent has been running his small practice, Groupe Lauvac Architecture Inc., in Montreal since 1990. The firm is known as one of the first in Montreal to be led by an architect of Caribbean descent. As the principal architect for Groupe Lauvac, the Haitian-born Montrealer specializes in design, planning and project management. Laurent is renown for his focus on sustainable construction with respect to residential architecture, specifically for condominiums and co-operative housing.

One of his notable works was Second Chance Residential Project ( Residence Project Chance II) in Montreal, which was a small housing project for single mothers returning to school. The project was part of the larger Benny Farm Housing Development that won a Gold Holcim Award (2005) and a Bronze Holcim Award (2006). Another of his significant projects is the Terrasses Wellington Charlevoix completed in 2006, which was considered by many building experts in Montreal to be one of the best examples of sustainable architecture of its time in the city.

Laurent is highly active in Montreal’s large Haitian community. He serves his community and the city of Montreal well by sitting on various boards and committees. This community involvement, like many architects, has provided Laurent with a sources of contacts and clients that share his vision for sustainable project development.

Weber Laurent’s interest in designs that improve environmental and social conditions within communities, make him an encouraging role model for architects looking to devote their careers to the global issues of climate change and poverty.